Win We Can Create

It was meant to be me lapping up these awesome tickets for this years We Can Create but now that I am not going to be able to make it (this year!) I was thinking that one of you design obsessed friends might! With tickets almost sold out this competition could be your saving grace!

In case you are unaware, the second annual We Can Create is a New Zealand art and creative industries showcase that invite a panel of speakers to inspire, teach and share their stories with you.

You will have a VIP ticket for you and one for a friend worth a total of $800! The tickets give you access to:
-Meet the speakers
-Dedicated VIP seating at the event
-The Light Surgeons LIVE Performance
-VIP Goodie bag and book
-Coffees and lunch provided by Atomic
-VIP invitation to the launch
-VIP After Party
(pretty much royalty…)

All you have to do to enter is tell me in the comments below:

Entries Close 10 am Friday 12th Oct.
Winner chosen by Studio Home + We Can Create and announced by 5pm Friday 12th Oct.

****WE HAVE A WINNER!!!****
I spent aggggeees reading over the entries and then had to enlist a panel of buddies and Anna Baird came out on top!
Thanks for all who entered, your enthusiasm for the creative world is infectious and I have no doubt that your guts and go will take you far!

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34 Responses to Win We Can Create

  1. Melissa Jack says:

    Spending my days creating boring corporate advertisements and brochures is really getting this girl down : ( I need some creative pizzazz to pick me back up before I start wearing beige ::::::HELP:::::PLEASE::::::

    • Jo says:

      Crikey. I love beige. And taupe. And greige. And oatmeal. And any shade of brown. Seems like I’m on the verge of being a lost cause! Save me, We Can Create and Studio Home!

  2. These tickets would be for my Uber talented friend Olivia Moor who has just completed her first major range of super cool hand painted dolls heads and prints – I know she would love to be inspired by all these creative people and ideas. I have put her web addres in the box above – would love to win these for her as I know she was dying to go!!!

  3. Andrea Earl says:

    I’m not a designer (not doing it full time). My love for art and design in my career has expressed itself through the art programs that I created for homeless youth and now most recently those going through major mental health distress. Now I am facing a career change and starting a little business and sure would love to be inspired and encouraged midst these amazing Creatives. Sure would be a dream and treat 🙂

  4. Genie says:

    Wow. What a prize! I would love to win to be inspired by the wicked speakers and catapult myself into freelancing full time. It’s a wild but almost attainable dream. So close I can taste it.

  5. Charlotte says:

    Being a student means i cant afford to go!!

  6. Catherine says:

    I havent been able to afford to go to a ‘We Can Create’ event since it was called Semi permanent back when I was studying at art school. I would love to have a fresh injection of creative inspiration that I have been craving for so long! It would also help me with my new website design too. Pretty please with Thomas and Martin Poschauko ontop! xx

  7. megan says:

    I am a graphic designer / illustrator getting started as a freelancer so it would be an awesome opportunity to be able to go to We Can Create and be inspired by successful creatives.

  8. Jo says:

    Brain grey, rainy day.
    Question marks, lack of sparks.
    No creative juices, thin on excuses.
    Deadlines loom, pray for vroom!
    Inspiration I need, to sew a seed.
    Watch the best, get back some zest.
    If only I could go to We Can Create…
    Your tickets, I’d truly appreciate.

    • Jo says:

      I’m another strapped for cash student, and I have a crit three days after We Can Create where I present my project to staff and peers. I could really use an injection of inspiration, and also an induction in how to give a killer design presentation. I’ve done a lot of fingernail chewing in the last week or two, I think I practically qualify as a cannibal (if you eat yourself, does that count as cannibalism?). Anyway, I digress. You can see from all this procrastination I’m doing, I could sure use your help!

    • Jo says:

      Procrastinate, procrastinate,
      Instead of creatively cultivate.
      Failing to put pencil to paper,
      (or even mouseclick to Illustrator)
      I need an injection of inspiration,
      To help me with my motivation.
      I’m so excited about the possibility…
      Please please please, pick me! pick me!

  9. Gemma says:

    I would be delighted to attend We Can Create this year as I attended it last year and walked out of the event feeling like a new person! I am about to embark on a new era of my life and I believe a fresh burst of inspiration is just what I need to create brave and ambitious objectives to attain my dreams. I would love to win this and get the opportunity to meet such an amazing group of creatives!!

  10. Devon Smith says:

    I’ve never been able to make it before, but I would be so willing to travel just to attend. My day job is very uninspiring and any excuse to take a few days off is fantastic but all the better to be bombarded with creativity and inspiration. I live in fear of stagnating in my art & illustration, i’m sure attending would help me greatly.

    I’m also a big Sarah Maxey fan and would love to hear her speak.

    I’m not sure who i would take but i have several designer friends who would be thrilled to go so I’m sure i could think up some sort of death-match way to choose my companion.

  11. Julia C says:

    Technically I’m a graphic designer but there has been no motivation for me at the moment. Still trying to find a job but hopefully if I can get these then it might give me a push in the right direction. I’d totally take my partner of four years to come with me, as he is also a graphic designer, so we can absorb in some creativity.

    Thanks for doing this. You’re awesome 🙂

  12. Mel Blowes says:

    Myself and my business partner had the most gorgeous European style studio in the Christchurch CBD (imagine wooden floors, brick walls, large windows letting in ample light, room for hot desks and other creatives…) which was completely trashed by the earthquake. We’ve been working remotely from our respective homes ever since, which is hard going to say the least. Some days it feels like it would be easier to give up on Christchurch, but we’re still here, slogging it out, trying to remain positive while the city rebuilds. So, in short, a little break away to We Can Create would help keep our inspiration levels going in these transitional times! Pretty please pick us. x

  13. Kristin says:

    I made it last year but this year I just can’t afford to. Also I not only have my original role as Graphic Designer for the company I work for but have just taken on a new role as Office Manager. I am so very busy and would love two days to just re-change and re-motivate myself.
    Would truly appreciate this! 🙂

  14. Chris H says:

    ≈≈≈ Omg this would be so amazing :3 I’m in my first year of studying graphic design at AUT and I would love to get me and a mate involved and get both of us inspired for our future careers! Can’t afford a ticket myself because my fish & chip shop job doesn’t pay much 3: A double pass would be tu meke! ≈≈≈

  15. Kelly P says:

    Wow, this is such a great opportunity and would change everything drastically. It would be so inspiring to get to listen to everyone talk and I would definitely want to share this experience with someone in my class, (as i am currently studying graphic design). I wouldn’t be able to afford a ticket as I am a typical poor student, but you should totally let me win 4 da boiz and the future graphic design generation. ka pai.

  16. LET LIV says:

    As NZ’s newest homeware & accessories store… with big big plans, our little team would love the opportunity to swim in the ocean of talent that New Zealand has, get some ideas & maybe even make a few friends! LET LIV will love you long time! x

  17. Sonya says:

    Give them to a new mum who has just returned to NZ, is re-entering the workforce, and has to decide what she wants to be when she grows up. Would love to meet some local talent and get immersed in some crazy ideas.

  18. Anna says:

    Giving up these tickets must be a true sadness… But it sure would make for one rapturous Anna!
    As a designer inspiration is like sunshine to me: necessary and happy making. This makes We Can Create like a trip to the beach, an opportunity to soak up as much as possible. Unfortunately, being a student, affordability is an issue. But it also means I just want to learn. The knowledge that these amazing speakers have to offer would be asset to any design practice.
    Both me and my truly fantastic designer friend be would be so very thankful!

    • julia says:


      • Anna says:

        EEEEEEEE!!!! Thank you so so so much Julia!!
        Im so excited to go, I’m sure its going to be amazing! Winning the tickets was the best birthday present ever!

        It truly did make for a rapturous Anna.

  19. Thanks for giving up this awesome opportunity !

    I’m a french graphic designer but I actually spent the past 5 winters in the South Island of New Zealand, being inspired and influenced by the natural beauty of the landscapes, architectures and designs. My flight back to France is on the 29th of october, so attending the “We Can Create Showcase” would give me the fantastic opportunity to bring back home BAGS of fresh kiwi inspiration. I’d be thrilled to meet awesome designers and get the most of their motivation to move my design potential to the next level.
    I’m a happy person, but that would make me even happier : )
    Merci !

  20. laura Forest says:

    I discovered a new word today: “nubivagant”. It’s an adjective describing moving among clouds.
    The opportunity to attend WCC would be nubivagant. I’m a photographer so my mind works in images. I’d be jumping from cloud to cloud effusively, I’d be wearing stripy socks, I’d have a notebook. By the end of the weekend, my notebook will be full, and big things will happen as a result.

    The chance to go to WCC would be epic, to say the least. There will be learning, there will be networking, there will be sharing and there will be exchanges. I’m a freelancer and I am part of a new studio and gallery, as well as a creative media collective that is seeking new members. So not only am I someone that will gain immensely from participation, but I really want to bring ideas and opportunities into the fold for others.

    Your tickets would enable me and my studio-mate (a film-maker) to attend. We’re at Monster Valley and we are awesome.

    From the clouds and with monsters, Laura

  21. Sophia Rose says:

    to create
    for passions sake
    is like when we meditate
    it will relax and titillate
    so do not wait
    jump in to communicate
    your inner soul mate
    and don’t underestimate
    the power of the creative state
    because, yes
    we can all create!
    { i’d be super over the moon to win these, & share/tweet all the goodness learnt along the way}

  22. Cameron Orr says:

    I work in motion graphics and hope to create my own graphic novels one day soon…

    All I want (For everyone) when we leave this world is to leave proof that there is some intelligent life, creativity is one of the greatest outlets of this, and to get inspired by the stories of some of the pro’s is damn awesome.

    I asked a 5 year old what they thought art was, they said “pretty things” no restrictions.


  23. I am a final year graphic design student working towards my final deadline for the year on a project that has involved so much time, motivation and dedication not to mention money to see this project go live and so I’m strapped for cash and can’t afford a ticket. This treat would be a wonderful day filled with inspiration and motivation to keep me going during the final push towards hand in and the grad show.

  24. I am in my third year of a Bachelor of Applied Visual Imaging @ UCOL. It has been a truly amazing experience and I am looking forward to finally be working in the industry as a service designer. I have a lot more to learn and everyday presents a new challenge to overcome. I should win these tickets because I’m motivated, determined, creative and above all else I love to learn (and network).
    Thanks 🙂

  25. Rose Wu says:

    Kia Ora!

    Nanz and I are an up-and-coming designer duo hell bent on creating positive social change and we want to take our design to the next level. Right now, we’re bubbling with creative ideas which we are eager to see come to fruition. These tickets will give us an awesome opportunity to meet the gurus in action and see how they transform their ideas from mere sparks into spectacular supernovas!

    Inspire us to inspire others. Help us to become radical like Adbusters, vibrant like Rockin’ Jelly Bean, think outside of the box like Nea Machina, be inspired by nature like Sarah Maxey, tell amazing visual stories like Assembly.

    – Rose & Nanz –

  26. Nanz says:

    Kia Ora!

    Rose and I are an up-and-coming designer duo hell bent on creating positive social change and we want to take our design to the next level. Right now, we’re bubbling with creative ideas which we are eager to see come to fruition. These tickets will give us an awesome opportunity to meet the gurus in action and see how they transform their ideas from mere sparks into spectacular supernovas!

    Inspire us to inspire others. Help us to become radical like Adbusters, vibrant like Rockin’ Jelly Bean, think outside of the box like Nea Machina, be inspired by nature like Sarah Maxey, tell amazing visual stories like Assembly.

    – Rose & Nanz –

    • Jo says:

      Aw you guys are so sweet! I’m lucky enough to know Nanz and Rose and they are indeed a hugely talented design duo. And they bicker like an old married couple 🙂

  27. Clare says:

    I’d love to be a winner on this occasion… this is the good kind of winner to be.
    There would be a WHOOT to be heard from afar if I was to be granted these tix.
    I’m a wayward designer, who’s found my way back into a solo in-house design role for a great company… It’s uber awesome to be back to doing fun things every day. It would be grand to talk with the ‘big kids’ in the sandpit, get some ideas, inspiration, and maybe even learn some tricks to apply to enhance my work and play design.

  28. F says:

    I would like to win because I can’t afford to go this year. I make it a habit to attend at least one design event a year but I may have to skip this one. I was let off my design job last year and haven’t been able to find work ever since. It’s been tough. On the upside it has pushed to work on some freelance projects on the side which is great.