Wolfgang + Rose

Wolfgang and RoseRose Miller was another awesome find for me on Instagram (man I love that place!) As a Sydney based mother of two, she started painting as a creative outlet and has since decided to challenge herself to complete a painting every fortnight. Documenting her work on her blog and instagram feed under the banner Wolfgang + Rose, she also lists her paintings for sale here.
Pretty amazing start right?!! I simply love her point of view and the sassy vibrancy to her work. One to watch I would suggest.
PS – Wolfgang is her poodle!

Wolfgang and RoseWolfgang and RoseWolfgang and RoseWolfgang and Rose

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4 Responses to Wolfgang + Rose

  1. Oscar R says:

    Love this work (and Wolfgang!)

  2. Esz says:

    Wow these are really great!! Kind of remind me of my own work – not in a plagiaristic way – but more of a shared viewpoint and love of colour kind of way. And makes me want to draw again. Would love one of these pieces. Thanks for the find 😀

  3. Rose Miller says:

    So excited to be featured here, such a beautiful blog to be a part of, this has totally made my week! Thank you Studio Home! Wolfgang and Rose xx

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