Xanthe Harrison

Xanthe Harrison is a super talented designer currently “camping” in her childhood bedroom at her parents in a transit before boosting to Namibia (!!!) to join her husband. Despite this being such a temporary and small spot to work and sleep, it’s fascinating to take a peep into her space which to me seems extraordinarily neat and organised. If ONLY I could channel that…

WHAT: This is my new studio in my old bedroom / new bedroom. It is a set of shelves and a desk that hold the recent iteration of my little bits and pieces that I feel I need around me so I can work. Things that are there just in case, like the box of printed ephemera that is sitting on the floor next to the bell jar, I rifle through every now and then, it’s just nice to know they’re there. 

WHERE: If I roll about a metre back in my chair I’ll be on my bed. This room is at my parents’ house in Auckland, I’ve only recently moved back in after a year in Wellington where my studio spaces were wonderful and varied and always came with other lovely folk to chat to. So this is a homecoming of sorts, in between another move to what may potentially be a room in a hotel or small house in Namibia, just for a short time and then I’ll be back and the space will change again, to another home of the ever-wandering freelance graphic designer.
It may be a small space and it does mean I spend an awful lot of time in my bedroom but I overlook the back garden and there are Tuis amongst the doves and sparrows out there. When I get out it’s a short walk to Ponsonby Road and it’s nice to be somewhere you know like the back of your hand.
I’m actually quite proud of how I can move around and be at work wherever, I’m happy to pack up my laptop and work at a friend’s house for the day for a change of scene. While space is definitely a huge factor in how I work and having the space just right helps no doubt, when I get into something and totally focussed I really could be anywhere. Plus change has a habit of keeping you on your toes.

WHO: It’s just me in this room, my parents in the rest of the house. My husband is arriving in Namibia hopefully sorting out a place to stay that will give me easy access to one of my two requirements, people I can have cups of tea with or the town centre, I like to wander around places and I usually find I do my best thinking that way.

DESCRIPTION: As I’ve just moved back into this space I’ve organised and reorganised it just how I want it with just the essentials on the desk and the decorative stuff above – there was work I probably should have been doing instead of decorating but that’s a fun project in itself. I finally get to put out the piece of art that my husband and I got for our wedding gift – the green glass ovoid next to my laptop – it’s not an ideal spot but in the next home after the next home it’ll have it’s proper place. The bedroom part of the space is creeping into the work space with my shoes under the desk, I ran out of room where the shoes should go. It’s only been this perfectly arranged for a couple of days now so I’m sure the line will get more blurred every day! 

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