You know you want to…..

OOOhhhh NO!!! Oh no oh no oh no ohnoohno ohnooooo….I am so sorry to do this to you all. I know that right now that inner-bike child is punching you in the pocket saying buy buy BUY me one of these!!! They are wheeling works of art made in MELBOURNE and yes! they are available online and yes! your standing on the awesome scale is going to rocket skyward if you give one a home. I say… blame it on cousin Sarah for sending me Lucy’s link about the damn clever peeps at Papillionaire Bicycles!

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3 Responses to You know you want to…..

  1. mnemonique says:

    I love bikes!!! I ride every day (if weather is fine) to my work. These you posted are lovely!

  2. Flick, says:

    All great, I really love the last one as you can't beat a red bike and the 'old style' of it with that cute basket is perfect!
    🙂 Flick

  3. lupinbunny says:

    Argh! My honey and I have just started looking at bikes in the past week… these look way tempting. The Classic is exactly what he's looking for, and the Sommer is exactly what I'm looking for. Wonder if I can convince him that lugged steel will be okay…. (right now we're looking at alloy, for the weight reason).