Sticking with todays kind of “keep it simple stupid” product posts, I wanted to quickly draw your attention to Brisbane brand Zillpa and their beautiful rope products. I have a friend who uses a couple of the baskets to store of all those tiny mismatched toys that seem to spring from nowhere in a family home – they certainly make for a very beautiful toy orphanage!
Personally I’d love one of the plant hangers in plain old natural.



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One Response to Zillpa

  1. Shane Hood says:

    It should be brought to your attention that the rope products produced by a company called Zillpa are not originals by the women claiming to make them.

    They were designed in 2010 by US designer Doug Johnston.

    Here is his shop.


    Review the press section of his website and you can see that the time at which Zillpa started to produce her items (Nov.-Dec. 2012) coincides with several months of heavy internet and printed press for Doug Johnston.

    It can only lead one to believe that Zillpa saw one of the many pieces on Johnston’s work and decided to copy his studio and business model.

    It is disingenuous, disrespectful and wrong. It is theft and plagiarism and Zillpa should be shamed for pretending to create an item and bring it to market as her own.

    As a design blog it is imperative that you protect the institution of creative thought, intellectual property and above all originality.

    It would do you well to retract the story above extolling the artistic virtues of an individual who blatantly stole a design that they now pass off as their own work.